Different Types of Dance around the World

Dance is one of the most popular art forms and is seen as a form of celebration at all occasions. It is an art to express all kinds of emotions, be it happiness, anger, despair, sadness. Here are some of the most popular dance forms from around the world.

  • Tango– Originated in the 1880s, tango is a partner dance form which is believed to be the most hard to master at. It originated in Argentina and is the result of combination of the Czech’s Polka, German’s Waltz, Polish Mazurka, Bohemian Schottische, Spanish-Cuban Habanera, African Candome, and Argentinian Milonga.
  • Aerial Dance– Still a lesser known form of dance, aerial dance is a dance which is performed by hanging from the roof using long pieces of cloth. Most of the people consider it to be a part of contemporary dance, but only recently has it started being an independent dance form.
  • Salsa– This form of dance is one of the popular dance forms in Latin America, Europe, Australia and North America. It’s strong and sharp movements are inspired from Mambo, Rumba and Changuyi.
  • Ballet– Believed to be one of the most graceful of dance forms; ballet originated in the 15th century during the Italian Renaissance and has developed into a concert and theatre dance form.

  • Belly dance– An Arabic art form, Belly dance is also called as Raqs Sharqi in Arab, originated in the country of Egypt. It is usually a done as solo performance by women and has expressive and complex torso movements with ornament adorned around the belly.
  • Tap dance– It is a form of dance performed through the tapping of shoes in a rythemic manner . The sound is created by the shoes that tap dancers wear that have a metal base on the heel and the toes.
  • Jazz dance– This form of dance emerged in America in the early twentieth century. It began as an expressive form of art by the African-Americans in social gatherings and parties. This dance originated when the genre of Jazz music started to become popular among Americans.

  • Kuchipudi– It is one of the many traditional dances that originated from India. It was born in a village name Kuchipudi in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is a dance-drama type of performance which has roots lying in Hindu Sanskrit.
  • Hip-hop dance– Also a music genre, Hip-hop is a street style art form that evolved as part of hip-hop culture, which is gaining major popularity around the world. It is one of the most widely celebrated dance forms in the world today and involves showing it’s audience that heir form of dance is carefree and fun.