Transformative Dance

Janie Cullen is premiering her latest dance at the Royale Albertus Hall on February 7. Her latest work is highly anticipated as it’s Cullen’s first work in more than a decade. Cullen has always been considered one of the premier dance choreographers of the 20th century, so it’s understandable how everyone’s very excited to see her latest work. What makes Cullen’s newest dance really interesting is that the dancers who are going to perform her work in the premiere all had plastic surgery at some point in their lives. Many people have speculated as to why this is, but Cullen’s closest friend/fellow choreographer Chris Gaines told us the reason why Cullen hired dancers who’ve had plastic surgery for the premiere. Hopefully, by posting what Gaines told us and discussing Cullen’s latest work in this post, I’ll be able to convince more people too see the dance live.